Specialty health

Zurich's unique understanding of the complexities in the healthcare arena enables us to help address the needs of companies utilizing self-funded medical plans and managed care organizations. If your organization takes on risk related to providing healthcare benefits, Zurich's excess medical products provide coverage for big swings in the cost of your health plan.  

Why Zurich?

Our focus is to match Zurich's coverage for catastrophic loss as closely with your underlying plans to help minimize gaps in coverage. Zurich's medical excess is a simple concept that delivers insurance protection to any company that self-funds health benefits to hospitals or physician groups that take on risk-related health benefits to HMOs.

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Specialty health solutions

Medical stop loss

Self-funding your employees’ medical benefits can be an effective means for controlling your business’ benefit spend. Work with an experienced insurance provider to help protect your business in the event of large medical claims. Zurich’s medical stop loss coverage reimburses qualified self-funded employers for large claims that exceed a specified dollar level. Zurich also offers aggregate coverage for employers who want to cap their total plan exposure in any given year. Features of this plan include:

  • Deferment to plan: Our policy defers to your benefits plan document to determine eligible claim expenses and enrollment eligibility, thereby reducing potential gaps in coverage and any unpleasant surprises.
  • Budgeting for future stop loss costs: We offer an optional renewal rate cap feature to complement our standard “no new laser at renewal” philosophy. A “laser” excludes individuals or sets a unique, higher pooling level for individuals who are expected to have large claims.
  • Exceptional claims handling: Our simple and fast processing requires minimum necessary information to be eligible for reimbursement of an approved claim.

Managed care excess

Zurich has the capabilities and resources to help address the needs of managed care organizations. Our industry knowledge of complex healthcare issues helps us design flexible programs to provide the best outcomes. Zurich’s experts in accident and health special risk assess solutions that help prevent risk and control costs.

Our strong medical malpractice and property and casualty offerings, in combination with our managed care products, enable us to offer a coordinated risk management and mitigation program. Zurich’s managed care excess offering includes:

  • Provider excess insurance
  • HMO reinsurance
  • Medical excess reinsurance over managed care entities


Additional services available to qualified customers:

  • Customized and broad-spectrum coverage solutions for multiple exposures (property, casualty, patient exposures)
  • Clinical risk management resources and access to preferred cost containment vendors
  • Direct access to underwriting, risk management and claims management
  • Diverse products, coverage limits, underwriting and design

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