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Zurich’s Subguard® product has helped protect general contractors from financial and reputational risks for more than 20 years. As the pioneer of subcontractor default insurance, we continue to adapt and improve our services to address the challenges faced in today’s construction marketplace. Subguard helps protect customers from risk by proactively managing and minimizing issues that could delay schedules and damage their bottom line.

Coverage may include the costs of completing unfulfilled subcontractor or supplier obligations, including costs related to subcontractor replacement, correcting nonconforming work, job acceleration, extended overhead, liquidated damages and claim preparation expenses. Additional features may include:

  • Indemnification for direct and indirect costs resulting from a payment or performance default of any enrolled subcontractor or supplier
  • Coverage for all enrolled subcontractors and limits that are the lesser of policy limits or an option of 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 times the subcontract value
  • Programs with annual policies that help ensure product cost is known for budgeting purposes

Program options may include: 

  • Policy limits of up to $75 million per loss and $225 million aggregate
  • Flexible retentions to fit a qualified customer’s risk profile. Varied risk-financing options available, including captive reinsurance, large deductibles and retrospective rating plans